gems Wang




A site-specific sculptural video work consisting of a monitor hanging face-down from a network of steel cables, low enough to conceal a 36-minute durational film featuring the growing intimacy of three trans strangers from passers-by.

Trans love is the awkward earnestness of play, the specificity of communication over assumption, and the rejection of the cis-hetero-masculine-normative understanding of love as weakness, performance, competition, or violence. Trans love creates hidden, intimate, supportive spaces within a hostile world that views trans beauty as something to fetishize, invade, and destroy. Trans love is subveillance.

This site-specific video installation is located in a high-traffic, high-visibility public area. However, the area beneath the monitor is secluded and intimate, with enough room for two people lying on the floor. To see the film, the audience must trespass upon this private trans space, kneeling, clambering, and squeezing their bodies into submissive positions in full public view.

Documentation of the film is intentionally scarce to uphold its intimate, subveillant nature.

This work was shown on the CalArts campus in March 2023, and re-installed in May 2023 for the 2023 CalArts Expo.

Many collaborators made this work possible:


Intimacy Coordinator


Assistant Director


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